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Inexperience is one of the most amazing things in human existence. It's a huge, red sign that says "START HERE" and look at us go learning new stuff we didn't know before. 

This is about growing plants for people like us who don't really know how to or don't want to bother. It will be kind of like creating maximum plant heaven in a pot if you don't have that kind of attention span. We are not experts. We're just daughters of someone who would have been shocked and not a little bit chagrined by our experiments. 
We will start with Bangkok kalachuchi--it isn't even the real kalachuchi (Plumeria obtusa) that is fairly common in the warm and wet climate of Southeast Asia. We call it the fakechuchi (Adenium obesum) because Bangkok kalachuchi is seven syllables and we're too lazy to type all those letters on Yahoo chat. But neither of us had ever heard of it before, it didn't have the morbid associations of the actual kalachuchi (i.e. they supposedly grow out of the juices of the dead in cemeteries) and we ultimately discovered that, for a plant, it's pretty funky with clear potential for more funkiness. So we're growing Adeniums in opposite sides of the planet.

Then we will wander off from there. There is a lot of nothing to talk about.

Whatever, right.

Knitty Kitty
I'm the sister in the tropics where kalachuchis bloom all year.

Rolling Eyeballs
Transplanted fish. Homesick.

Ancient kalachuchi trees, Campo Santo de La Loma (Manila, Philippines)

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