17 February 2018

Today's Photo Dump

It isn't always a teachable moment. Sometimes, you have to just stare at the shit and say, "Well, wow."
Titanopsis primosi colors up nicely. Keep it very cool but well and evenly lit. This one is under T5HO.

09 February 2018

Haworthias: Seedlings and Plantlings

Time to update! If you saw this post, you're probably expecting that all this trouble poking at haworthias could not possibly have ended there. Those seeds did go in. The experiment was not trouble-free though; hence this follow-up post.  

30 March 2017

Photo Dump #1: Spring Blooms 2017 (New April Update!)

Starting this year, we're going start an eye-candy series. We're big on photography, as you may have noticed. And we have some weird shit. So an occasional photo-dump is a no-brainer. Right! For this spring....
Euphorbia susannae

14 March 2017

Haworthias: Hand-Pollination

Have you ever tried hand-pollinating your haworthias? It turned out to be easy, you should try it. You just need a couple of tweezers, a pad of paper, a pen and, if your eyes are bad, a magnifying visor. Maybe an audiobook. Like "I Contain Multitude". Or Cream's 1966 magnum, Fresh Cream. For the freaks who do not like Cream, I recommend Blink 182.
These seeds could soon become hybrid plants---Haworthia emelyae as female parent and Haworthia sylviae as male parent.

11 February 2017

Rooting and Rotting: Heat is Everything

We've done this cold damage thing before but one plant that was near-death deserves a separate conversation. As you know, cold damage in adeniums is more insidious than we think, sometimes. Cold, per se, is not so fatal as long as it does not drop below freezing and the plant is totally dry. But cold and wet---the very definition of spring---will kill your adeniums.
Damage like this is hard to spot---the plant never shows stress and unless you examine closely and poke around under the soil, sometimes you won't know. This one, for instance, was not noticed until mid-summer. Look at that----rooting and rotting at the same time!